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Меню Summer fishing
The fishing trophies are salmon,
grayling, pike, ide, large perch.
Меню Winter fishing
A wide range of reservoirs,
not a day without good catch.
Меню Spearfishing
Inhabitants of transparent waters
are waiting for you.
Меню Hunting
The game is diverse.
The nature is magnificent.
Меню Picking Mushrooms and Berries
A perfect complement
to the activity vacation
Меню Camping
Contemplation of northen country
combined with physical activity.
Меню Rafting
A perfect combination
of extreme sport with fishing
Меню Snowmobiling
Vibrant, flash, cool holidays.
Меню Mount Vottovaara
Visit and get into
the spirit to return.

Winter fishing

Winter fishingThe main reservoirs within reach by snowmobiles over the ice from the holiday village are the same as in summer, as well as dozens of small lakes within a radius of up to 20 kilometres. Besides, guests with snowmobiles may drop for one day to the lakes located 60 kilometres away from the base.

Winter catch: grayling, pike, burbot, perch, roach, as well as smelt in April.

The fishing styles are winter jig fishing, spoon bait fishing, beam fishing, and additional fishing tackle for pike and burbot.

Equipment: modern snowmobiles with motor-drawn sleigh, motor-drills.

The winter fishing period lasts from November to April.

Photo "Winter fishihg"


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