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Меню Summer fishing
The fishing trophies are salmon,
grayling, pike, ide, large perch.
Меню Winter fishing
A wide range of reservoirs,
not a day without good catch.
Меню Spearfishing
Inhabitants of transparent waters
are waiting for you.
Меню Hunting
The game is diverse.
The nature is magnificent.
Меню Picking Mushrooms and Berries
A perfect complement
to the activity vacation
Меню Camping
Contemplation of northen country
combined with physical activity.
Меню Rafting
A perfect combination
of extreme sport with fishing
Меню Snowmobiling
Vibrant, flash, cool holidays.
Меню Mount Vottovaara
Visit and get into
the spirit to return.


A cottage for 4 guestsFor our guests we have 6 log cottages for 4 guests each.

In every cottage there's wood furniture, a refrigerator, satellite TV, an electric stove, a toaster, a microwave, an electric kettle, as well as various utensils, including saucepans and frying pans.

Cottages are heated electrically. Glass units with mosquito screens are installed in windows.

The sanitation facilities located near the cottages consist of three units with:

  • a shower cubicle, 2 toilets, washstands in the first unit;
  • a shower cubicle, 2 toilets, washstands in the second unit;
  • a kitchen where our guests may cook food, gill fish and mushrooms, cut the game, wash the dishes, etc. in the third unit;
  • a linen store room where our guests may do the washing and ironing.

In territory of the holiday village there's a sauna that works on our guests' request.

There's a parking place near every cottage, watercrafts stay at their moorings.

The territory is illuminated during hours of darkness and is protected within 24 hours.

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