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Меню Summer fishing
The fishing trophies are salmon,
grayling, pike, ide, large perch.
Меню Winter fishing
A wide range of reservoirs,
not a day without good catch.
Меню Spearfishing
Inhabitants of transparent waters
are waiting for you.
Меню Hunting
The game is diverse.
The nature is magnificent.
Меню Picking Mushrooms and Berries
A perfect complement
to the activity vacation
Меню Camping
Contemplation of northen country
combined with physical activity.
Меню Rafting
A perfect combination
of extreme sport with fishing
Меню Snowmobiling
Vibrant, flash, cool holidays.
Меню Mount Vottovaara
Visit and get into
the spirit to return.

Picking Mushrooms and Berries

A mushroom and berriesThe season of picking mushrooms and berries depends on weather conditions and crop capacity of the forest varies from year to year.

The most attractive period is from mid-July to the end of September.

Mushroom pickers mostly find cepes in pine forests, оrange birch bolete, milk mushrooms, false saffron milk-caps, coral milky caps, trumpet chanterelles, brown cap boletus.

Forest berries in the area are typical for Karelia: since July its wild strawberries, cloudberries, bilberries, raspberries, from mid-August – cowberries and cranberries.

Guests may go to the place where they will pick the forest goods either by car, or by boat. There places are quite close to the holiday vollage.

Processing of mushrooms and berries in the the holiday vollage offers no difficulty.

Photo "Mushrooms and Berries"


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